Vodafone users get a blockbuster boost that should make EE and Three customers jealous

If you’re a Vodafone customer – or thinking about becoming one in the near future – the latest upgrade could make you incredibly popular with friends and family …or could leave them green with jealously. That’s because the newly-launched VeryMe rewards scheme with present loyal Vodafone customers with a free gift on Friday each week. You’ll be able to keep the gift to yourself, or pass it onto those closest to you, depending on how generous you’re feeling on any given Friday.

The VeryMe rewards range from free coffees, cookies, meal deals and posh popcorn from Joe&Seph’s, to exclusive access to ticket pre-orders, free cinema tickets, and movie rentals at home.

Vodafone says the ability to share your freebie with friends and family make its reward scheme a UK first. O2 has long offered its customers a similar reward scheme, known as O2 Priority, which offers early access to gig ticket sales, entries into prize draws, discount to experiences, as well as free drinks and meal deals.

However, unlike VeryMe, O2 customers aren’t able to gift their goodies to friends and family – unless they buy a free drink and physically hand it over to their chum. Until now, VeryMe, which launched in 2018, has operated in a similar way. It’s the ability to gift your, ahem, gifts that is completely new.

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The first reward to coincide with the ability to share gifts is a free blockbuster rental.

As we’re all spending a little more time indoors at the moment, a free movie rental sounds like the ideal gift. Or, if you’ve seen all of the latest releases – you can send it to family.

Vodafone has teamed up with CHILI to offer the free rentals. You’ll be able to watch any of the latest films worth up to £4.99.

VeryMe gifts are handled by the MyVodafone smartphone app. Select the VeryMe Rewards and then tap “Send Gift” to beam the free rental via WhatsApp, text message, or email to anyone in your contacts.

Vodafone Consumer Director Max Taylor said: “We know our customers want to be able to give something back to their friends and families. We’re delighted to be the first UK operator to let customers gift their rewards via VeryMe and the first offer is a film rental on us.”

If you’re not on Vodafone, your best bet is to try to butter-up an old schoolfriend on the network that you haven’t spoken to in years to try to make it to the top of that BFF list and get your hands on that free rental.

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