Warframe is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Exciting news, Nintendo fans! The Switch is getting yet another port in the form of the cooperative free-to-play game Warframe.

This new port was announced at TennoCon, the annual Warframe convention which is organised by publishers Digital Extremes.

Warframe’s being ported over to the home-handheld hybrid console by Panic Button, which was also behind the Switch ports of Doom, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus and Rocket League.

And Panic Button’s co-owner and director of development Adam Creighton actually dropped a massive hint about all this not too long ago.

In a recent interview with Variety, he revealed that the company was working on another major port to the Switch that was due to be revealed in July.

There’s no confirmed release date for the Warframe Switch port just yet, though – hopefully more on that front soon.

Warframe, which first launched in 2014, has an impressive 38 million players around the world, and joins a growing list of games available on Nintendo Switch.

That roster also includes Fortnite (aka the most talked-about game of the year so far), which first came to the Switch last month.

Other Warframe announcements at TennoCon included two expansions – one of which is called Fortuna, and is set on Venus, according to Polygon.

The developers have promised “exciting new gameplay experiences with the introduction of a new faction and lore” in the expansion, which is due to roll out later in 2018.

Another Warframe update called Codename: Railjack is also on the way, allowing “1-4 players to board a warship on land and ascend into space to explore and fight”.

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