Watch growling ‘Monster Wolf’ robot scare off bear in Japan

This will make you howl.

New video shows a Japanese “Monster Wolf” robot scarecrow in action.

The red-eyed canine contraption can be seen growling, shaking its head and emitting a flashing light while propped up on a stand in a field in the small city of Takikawa.

Surveillance footage included in the video from the Guardian shows a bear sprinting away from the robo-beast in fear.

The 3-foot-tall by 4-foot-long wolf-bot is one of dozens installed in Japanese towns to scare off bears and deer that were overrunning local homes or destroying crops.

Brown bear reports have increased dramatically in the Takikawa area this year, totaling 10 since May.

But there have been no eyewitness bear sightings since the machine was set-up in mid-September.


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