WhatsApp making it much easier to ghost people with ‘sneaky’ group chat update

You'll soon be able to leave WhatsApp group chats and avoid any awkward conversations, thanks to a forthcoming update to the popular encrypted messaging app.

Currently, if you leave a group chat, everyone in the chat is notified, which can often lead to some awkward conversations.

However, a new beta update lets users exit group chats without notifying all participants. Instead, only the admin of the group chat will be notified.

This means you'll now be able to quietly slip out of any group.

There's no word yet on when the feature will be rolled out to all WhatsApp users, but it looks like it could be included with the app's huge 'Communities' update.

WhatsApp experts at WABetaInfo said: "When you exit a group, WhatsApp normally adds a system message in the chat to inform all participants that you exited the group: this information will only show up to group admins in the future.

"Group admins should always be notified about what happens in their groups, so it is needed to show them who exited a group."

They added that the feature is currently under development on the WhatsApp Desktop beta and should be rolled out to all users in a future update.

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WhatsApp is set to get one of its biggest updates yet, as parent company Meta (formerly Facebook) introduces its WhatsApp Communities feature.

This will make it possible for people to combine related group chats under one banner into private social networks.

For example, schools could combine all of their group chats into one community along with a parents' WhatsApp chat in order to deliver important announcements to everyone.

Or, in a work setting, an office could organise three different WhatsApp group chats for various staff teams, all managed by one common admin.

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