Which robot vacuum cleaner should I buy in 2021?

Vacuuming is one of those tasks that no-one likes but unfortunately has to be done.

It’s like a trip to the dentist; you want it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Which is why it’s time to embrace the world of robotic vacuum cleaners. Same result with minimum input from you.

The good news is that these little cleaning ‘bots have become pretty advanced over the last few years. There’s a number of different models to choose from depending on your needs and/or budget.

We’ve taken a look at three of the best choices below.

Best for tight budgets: Proscenic M7 Pro WLAN robot vacuum cleaner

Getting a robot to automatically devour the dirt from around your home is impressive but Proscenic’s M7 Pro ups the bar considerably by mopping your floors using its built-in floor-washer.

What’s more, if you can’t be bothered to use the connected app to change settings, such as adjusting the suction level or schedule a cleaning plan, you can bark these demands at it instead via Alexa.

A perfect device for lazy types — and all for under £400.

£399, amazon.co.uk

Best for auto dirt disposal: Roomba iRobot S9+

The Roomba S9+ continues iRobot’s quest for vacuum bot innovation by being the first to bring automatic dirt disposal to market.

That essentially means this smart filth-muncher automatically offloads the dirt it’s picked up around your home into a disposable bag inside the charging base, trapping 99 per cent of allergens too.

Meanwhile, ‘Imprint’ smart mapping enables the device to learn and adapt to your abode so you can choose which rooms are cleaned and when via an app.

£1,499, irobot.co.uk

Best for suction power: Dyson 360 Heurist robot vacuum cleaner

Dyson’s beautiful blue bot offers some of the most powerful suction we’ve seen, resulting in some top-notch cleaning performance.

Its clever time-of-flight sensors measure up your rooms to build a map of your home and continually check its position to give a bespoke cleaning experience that’s unrivalled in terms of customisation.

It’s a pricey bit of kit but in true Dyson style, this droid delivers impeccable style, build quality and performance to boot.

£799, johnlewis.co.uk

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