Windows 11: Your PC could enjoy a blockbuster upgrade from Microsoft TODAY

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Microsoft has finally flipped the switch and launched its feverishly-anticipated Windows 11 upgrade to users from today. The all-new operating system is available as a free upgrade to the 1.3 billion people currently running Windows 10 on their laptop, desktop PC, or tablet.

Starting from today – October 5, 2021 – some users will be able to download the new operating system. Microsoft has launched its new Surface-branded laptops and tablet hybrid devices, which were designed under the watchful of boss Panos Panay – who also supervised the software redesign in Windows 11, today as well. A number of other manufacturers, including Samsung, have already announced new devices that will be powered by Windows 11 out-of-the-box too.

Prepare and Download Windows 11

Microsoft is offering its all-new desktop operating system for FREE to anyone with an official version of Windows 10. The company has shared a new store page with details of its Windows 11 download, new laptops and desktop PCs with the new software preinstalled, help pages and much, much more…

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