‘World’s fastest car’ hits 334mph during warm-up for 1,000mph record attempt

It’s tipped to be the fastest car in the world, and now the Bloodhound LSR car has taken to the racetrack in the Hakskeenpan desert.

During the session, the car hit a cool 334mph. While this is nothing compared to the 1,000mph speeds it will soon attempt to reach, it’s the highest speed it’s achieved so far.

The car’s EJ200 jet engine ran with full reheat for 12 seconds during the test run, demonstrating that it’s in full working order.

Andy Green, who was behind the wheel, said: “We’ve had two very successful runs today, with the second run reaching a max speed of 334 mph – going from 50 mph to 300 mph in 13 seconds.

“There was strong cross wind gusting at over 15 mph and we’ve established that this is pretty much the limit for running in the car.

“We’re happy because this was a successful test, now we’re ready to progress on to higher speeds.”

The test run was a warm-up was part of a wider project, which is split into two phases.

Phase one’s target is to break the current world land speed record, of 763.035mph.

A statement explained: “This is necessary to understand how the car behaves as it enters the transonic stage initially and then supersonic speed levels.”

If Phase One is successful, the team will then attempt to reach staggering speeds of 1,000mph.

A timeline for the project remains unclear.

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