Yahoo Mail down: Users fume as many left unable to check their emails

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If you’re trying and failing to access Yahoo Mail this morning you are definitely not alone. The hugely popular messaging service appears to be having some major issues with hundreds of reports that its users can’t read, reply or send and new emails. The gremlins firm appeared at around 9.30am with the frustrating problems still ongoing.

In fact, Down Detector – which monitors outages across the globe – is actually showing a steady increase in reports with some 350 per minute being shown by its chart. Speaking on its forum page one Yahoo user named Elaine said: “Can see my emails but cannot open them or delete them – haven’t tried sending any yet.” Whilst another named Julian added: “Unable to access Yahoo emails this morning.”

Along with the reports on Down Detector, Yahoo users have also flocked to social media to vent their frustrations. Speaking on Twitter, one angry user named Sayan, said: “Is @yahoomail down? Trying to send emails for 2 hours.. no email showing under sent box.. every inbox items opening with alert “please try again later”. Please fix this.”

There’s no word on what’s causing the problems but we’ll update this story when we find out more.


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