Your BT bill is set to rise to but there is a way to beat this costly increase

BT has confirmed a change that will affect over one million of its customers. The company will increase costs for many landline users as it moves them from their current plan onto BT’s latest Unlimited Minutes option. As the name suggests, this plan includes totally unlimited calls at any time of the day, week or night. That all sounds great but there is a catch as it also costs £15 a month, which means some may see their monthly bills go up.

BT says the increase will all depend on how much you use your phone. Those who spend all day and night calling mobile numbers could actually save money with the latest switch… but if you make one quick call a week, this could be an expense that you really don’t need to pay.

Explaining more about the changes, Christian Thrane, MD of Marketing for Consumer from BT, told “We want to ensure our customers have a seamless and worry-free experience when calling friends and family across both landline and mobile. Over the past few months, we’ve seen how important it is for us all to keep in touch and the landline has been at the heart of this connectivity.

“Technology and the way we use it evolves quickly and the gradual replacement of our calling plans is a small but important step to adapt our landline usage to a more converged but simplified future.”


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So, if you think this update is going to cost you more, how can you beat it?

Well, fortunately, there are a few ways to stop this charge and some actually come via BT. Firstly, you can opt to swap from Unlimited Minutes to the firm’s 700 minute plan instead which offers free calls up to that limited for £7 a month. However, once you go over the 700 minutes you will be charged extra.

If you’re not making very many calls on the landline – using VOIP services like WhatsApp and FaceTime Audio, or video call options instead – that’s really not going to be an issue.

In fact, if you’re really not using the landline much, BT does offer a Pay As You Go plan, which is a free subscription and only costs 20p per minute for each call you make. You will need to sign up to new broadband deal to get pay as you go calls but it’s worth considering.

These plans could save you money but don’t forget about the smartphone that’s in your bag. If you own a mobile, it’s highly likely that your monthly plan includes unlimited minutes. Or, at the very least – something comparable to the 700 minutes available from BT. If that’s the case, you might want to think about switching off your landline completely.

Although this won’t suit everyone, living without a landline can be pretty easy and you don’t even need to worry about your broadband as there plenty of options now available without the need for a phone line coming into your house.

Firm’s including Virgin Media now offer broadband-only options with prices starting from around £28 per month. BT says it has begun informing users by letter and, if they are unhappy with the change, the firm says they can leave BT without being held to term charges during the 30 days from when they receive the customer communication.

The change will come into effect from September 1, 2020, and will affect anyone with a landline from BT so there is plenty of time to make up your mind.

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