Your phone could be emitting much more radiation than anyone expected

Smartphones could be giving off dangerously high levels of radiation, it has been claimed.

Testers analysed 11 popular smartphone models and alleged they were producing harmful amounts of  ‘radiofrequency radiation’.

The tests prompted the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to promise to investigate the findings.

Experts commissioned by the Chicago Tribune carried out tests from using simulated human flesh with a smartphone placed 2mm away – which is roughly the distance between human skin and a phone carried in a pocket.

This is closer than some phone manufacturers place phones during their own radiation tests, with some analysing the devices from a distance of more than an inch from the sensor.

The paper claimed several models which produced radiation levels in excess of FCC guidelines – although both Apple and Samsung insisted their devices did not break regulations.

Apple said the testing method was ‘inaccurate’.

In a statement giving to the newspaper, Apple said: ‘All iPhone models, including iPhone 7, are fully certified by the FCC and in every other country where iPhone is sold.

‘After careful review and subsequent validation of all iPhone models tested in the report, we confirmed we are in compliance and meet all applicable … exposure guidelines and limits.’

Samsung also said: ‘Samsung devices sold in the United States comply with FCC regulations. Our devices are tested according to the same test protocols that are used across the industry.’

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