You’ve probably never heard of this app – but police say it could save your life

Whether you’re in a field or simply in a town you don’t know well, during an emergency it can often be difficult to relay your location to emergency services.

But this simple app could make it much easier to convey your position in the future.

The app, called What3words, assigns a three-word address to each 3m x 3m square in the world.

For example, Mirror Online’s offices in London’s Canary Wharf have been assigned the three words ‘late song peanut.’

According to what3words, these words are as accurate as GPS coordinates, and much easier to say and share.

What3words explained: “It’s easy for long strings of GPS coordinates to be confused when sharing between different services and divisions.

“With what3words you can easily share exact locations in just three words when coordinating a multi-service response.”

During an emergency, callers can give a three word address over the phone to share their exact location to police.

The police can then enter the three words into the what3words online map, before accurately routing to the exact location of the incident.

According to what3words, the tool is already being used by police across the UK, including in Humberside, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

Supt. Nick Lylall, Bedfordshire Police said: “‘We had a serious injury road traffic collision had taken place.

“what3words was used by the control room to identify where the accident had taken place. As a result, the first aid saved their life.”

The app is free to download on both the Google Play Store and App Store.

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