10 future soap couples who look set for summer romances, from Corrie's Peter & Carla to Hollyoaks' Mercedes & Russ

Soap bosses love to keep us on our toes with relationship-based storylines. Whether it’s a classic ‘will they / won’t they?’ saga for two singletons or a shock affair on the horizon, romances are often the lifeblood of the genre’s most gripping storylines.

Right now, there are a number of possible future pairings that we have our eyes on – surely it’s only a matter of time before this lot get together?

1. Carla Connor and Peter Barlow (Coronation Street)

‘Carter’ were one of the most-shipped soap couples back in the day. While they do still have a pretty vocal following on Twitter, Peter and Carla have often seemed like passing ships in the night when it comes to their storylines over the past year or so. Until now, that is.

When Peter discovered the truth about Toyah’s baby deception recently, he turned straight to Carla for a shoulder to cry on. Rumour has it that Peter will also be repaying the favour by assisting Carla in the battle for Underworld in the not-too-distant future. Will this bring them one step closer to a reunion? Well, we doubt the producers have suddenly remembered their connection for nothing…

2. Tiffany Butcher and Bernadette Taylor (EastEnders)

EastEnders fans were taken by surprise recently when Bernadette and Tiffany shared a kiss during a game of ‘spin the bottle’. While Tiffany seemingly thought nothing more of it, Bernadette’s reaction was very different as she pondered over what it could all mean.

Scenes airing later this week will see Bernadette admit that she has been confused about her feelings for Tiff, which leads to the best friends growing closer again. Are they better off as mates, or is there a chance Tiffany feels the same way?

3. Maya Cavanagh and David Metcalfe (Emmerdale)

Never one to hang about when it comes to finding a new girlfriend, David will be setting his sights on Dr Cavanagh’s wife Maya in an upcoming storyline. Fresh from the realisation that his marriage to Tracy is definitely over for good, David strikes up a bond with Maya when they have some cosy heart-to-hearts over their respective relationship woes.

Their surprise connection turns sour when Dr Cavanagh catches them about to kiss at the shop, but Matthew Wolfenden – who plays David – has teased that it’s certainly not the last time the pair will share scenes. So, could Maya ditch the doc and take a gamble with love rat David instead? (We wouldn’t recommend it.)

4. Eva Price and Adam Barlow (Coronation Street)

Eva the Diva may be leaving the cobbles later in the summer, but there’s more to explore between her and Adam before she goes. A few months ago, Corrie‘s then-producer Kate Oates teased that Adam would play a key role in Eva’s exit storyline because he still has such strong feelings for her.

Recent paparazzi pictures have also shown Adam pushing baby Susie’s pram, which is another clue to a possible reunion with Eva. Could Eva decide to give her romance with Adam another chance, and if so, is the charming Mr Barlow going to face even more heartache when she packs her bags to leave?

5. Kathy Beale and Masood Ahmed (EastEnders)

Never let it be said that EastEnders star Nitin Ganatra doesn’t give a good soap spoiler. The popular cast member first teased a possible romance for Kathy and Masood way back in January, and we’re still waiting impatiently for it to happen!

When we caught up with Nitin at the British Soap Awards recently, he confirmed that the spark between Kathy and Masood will continue to be explored. After such a long wait, will we finally see them get together? We can’t imagine grumpy Ian will approve if they do…

6. Audrey Roberts and Lewis Archer (Coronation Street)

Some would argue that Lewis Archer’s bank account is the true love of his life, since he spends so much time trying to boost it by conning anyone he meets. Even so, there’s always a definite spark whenever he crosses paths with Corrie legend Audrey.

When they last came face-to-face, Lewis managed to charm Audrey into letting him escape from a citizen’s arrest, having just been caught out as the mastermind behind Rosemary Piper’s fake psychic scam.

Nigel Havers recently filmed new scenes showing Lewis and Audrey meeting up in secret, so could it be to rekindle their romance? Either way, we hope Audrey puts a padlock on her purse to be on the safe side.

7. Mercedes McQueen and Russ Owen (Hollyoaks)

Mercedes McQueen is making a hotly-anticipated return to Hollyoaks this summer, and so is her ex-husband Russ Owen. Both on-screen comebacks will also involve a soaptastic trip to Magaluf, which was recently filmed on-location, so surely this is all no coincidence?

It’s been confirmed that the Majorca storyline involves Mercedes’s hen party and Russ will be present for the scenes. Our best bet is that Mercy has agreed to marry her ex again (why not?), or failing that, she’ll be cheating on her mystery hubby-to-be with old flame Russ. After all, Jennifer Metcalfe did recently tease that Mercedes has learned nothing from her past mistakes…

8. Seb Franklin and Emma Brooker (Coronation Street)

Look away now, Faye – it seems that ‘Semma’ will officially become an item over the summer if Seb gets his way. The pair were seen agreeing to a date this week, but things quickly became complicated when Faye made an unexpected return, just weeks after she’d moved away to live with her occasionally-murderous mum Anna.

Future episode spoilers have revealed that Seb’s focus will remain firmly on Emma next week, as he wonders how to approach the subject that he’s HIV+. It’s no secret that Alexandra Mardell, who plays Emma, recently signed a new contract with Corrie – so could a relationship with Seb be part of the future plans for her character?

9. Matty Barton and Victoria Sugden (Emmerdale)

Emmerdale‘s fanbase are experts when it comes to guessing future storylines, so it’d be no surprise if they were onto something with their latest big theory. This week’s episodes have seen Victoria become a strong source of support for returning character Matty Barton, who revealed his transition in emotional and well-received scenes.

Some viewers have predicted that Victoria and Matty’s connection could go beyond friendship soon enough – and it’d certainly be interesting to explore a new romance for Victoria now that her husband Adam has been gone for six months. Will she set her sights on Adam’s brother instead?

10. Gemma Winter and Chesney Brown (Coronation Street)

Gemma may be reuniting with rich brewery heir Henry Newton this summer, but our theory is that Gemma and Chesney are the endgame couple. In the next few weeks, we’ll see Cathy vow to play matchmaker between Gemma and Ches, only for Henry to swoop in and start wooing Gemma with talk of them running The Rovers together.

Henry’s hardly a nice guy though, since his connection to Gemma only ever started because of a cruel bet he made with his mate. Plus, Chesney is long overdue some luck in the romance department. Could the Corrie writers be taking the long route to getting Gemma and Chesney together?

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