12 Photos That Prove Cher Hasn’t Aged A Day From ‘Moonstruck’ to ‘Mamma Mia’

Here we go again, talking about how absolutely ageless Cher is! From ‘Moonstruck’ in 1987 to her latest role in ‘Mamma Mia 2,’ it’s clear Cher has not aged a day!

Cher, 72, somehow doesn’t look a day over 40 and we’re still scratching our heads while comparing some of her classic ’80s and ’90s films to her current character in Mamma Mia 2. Why, you ask? Because she looks exactly the same. In the 1987 film Moonstruck, for which Cher won the Oscar for Best Actress, the “Believe” singer played Italian-American widow Loretta, opposite Nicolas Cage. In the movie, Cher rocked a classic ’80s perm and her signature dark glam, highlighting her long, stunning features. She was just 41 at the time, but looked about 30 with her absolutely wrinkle-free complexion. We need her secret!

Then, looking today at Cher’s character in Mamma Mia, the 72-year-old icon is just as ageless as she was in the ’80s! In the film, she rocks a stunning golden ensemble and blonde wig that is reminiscent of her style in the 2010 film Burlesque. Inspired by her role in Mamma Mia, Cher announced she has re-recorded several ABBA hits and will be releasing them in an album — we literally hit the jackpot. Playing the mother of Meryl Streep‘s Donna, Cher sings ABBA’s “Fernando” and blows us all away! Funnily, the Mamma Mia sequel wasn’t the first time Cher has worked with MerylThe leading ladies united for the first time in the film Silkwood, for which they were both nominated for Academy Awards! In the film, Cher and Meryl both tackle grungy characters, based on the real life of labor union activist Karen Silkwood. Still, both women look absolutely ageless together in Mamma Mia!

How does Cher do it?! Well, the actress admitted her secret to TODAY, saying, “All right. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs — I never have,” Cher said. “I work out. I’m pretty good with my diet, except I like chocolate. I think, also, I’ve always kept working.” Well, there you have it! Look through our gallery to see Cher’s different acting roles through the years!

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