20 Throwback Photos of Colin Firth That Will Make You Wish You Could Time Travel

We present to you: 20-something-year-old Colin Firth.

(He’s actually around 24 here!)

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Firth’s first major acting credit was in a film called Another Country (1994), and we’ve truly never seen suspenders look so good on someone.

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Firth’s hair has always been great, but here it’s particularly luscious.

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That gorgeous hair and brooding expression showed up again in Camille in 1984.

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In 1985 he starred as Neil Truelove in Dutch Girls, which is funny because we’re convinced he’s our true love.

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What can we say? The man looks good in a turtleneck. Here he is in Lost Empire, a miniseries based on the novel of the same name.

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He basically invented slinging a jacket lazily over his shoulder.

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Talk about an officer and a gentleman, am I right? Here’s Firth in 1989, playing the titular role in Valmont.

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Told you he loves a turtleneck. Here’s Firth looking dashing at the premiere of Valmont in 1989.

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Firth stole all of our hearts as Mr. Darcy in the classic Pride & Prejudice in 1995.

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Never forget the scene where Darcy goes swimming (in an all-white ensemble), which gifted us with this photo.

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There’s that brooding, stoic demeanor that we all know and love!

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No, we love you most ardently, Colin Firth.

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We’ll root for whatever team Firth tells us to! This pic of his floppy-haired, soccer — erm, we mean football — obsessed character in 1997’s Fever Pitch is making us seriously nostalgic.

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Though not exactly the most likeable character in The English Patient, Firth at least managed to look good in a tux.

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When he’s not playing the bad guy or looking terribly depressed in the corner, Firth’s got a lovely smile.

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He returned to the role of Mr. Darcy (albeit, in a modernized version of Pride & Prejudice) when he starred alongside Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones’s Diary.

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There will be no ugly Christmas sweater slander here!

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Or Christmas tie slander either, for that matter! The man is festive!

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Who could forget the scene in What a Girl Wants where Firth danced around to “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo” in leather pants?

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