7 Burning Questions From Last Night's Intense Season 2 Premiere Of 'Westworld'

**Spoilers ahead!!**

Are you ready to start questioning the nature of your reality (again)?

On Sunday night, Westworld returned with an intense and somewhat disorienting Season 2 premiere episode. The season opener, titled “Journey Into Night,” picked up more or less where the Season 1 finale left off, with the hosts in full-on rebellion mode that begins after Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) shoots Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in the head during his speech introducing his new narrative to members of the board. 

In the Season 2 premiere, we find out what happened after the fatal gunshot. Maeve (Thandie Newton) reconnects with the park’s resident (hot) bandit, Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), and forces the park’s scriptwriter, Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman), to help her on her quest to find her daughter. A young host delivers a cryptic message to the Man in Black (Ed Harris), while Dolores seems to be having one hell of a time giving the humans who attended Ford’s party their “day of reckoning.” Look out. Meanwhile, Bernard, is doing his best to hide the fact that he’s a host, while learning a ton of new, shady things about Delos. 

Ultimately, the episode promises a darker, more violent season of HBO’s sci-fi series, and, naturally, left us with way more questions than answers. We’re dropping a few of those major burning questions from Season 2, Episode 1 here, but feel free to drop yours in the comments below. 

1. What the heck is up with the timeline?   

The episode starts with Bernard waking up on the beach and being found by Delos operatives. This presumably takes place in the present. As he looks around at the death and destruction from the host uprising, he begins to recall what happened after Dolores shoots Ford (which happened two weeks ago). Back in the present, Bernard and the operatives eventually discover a massive lake filled with a ton of dead floating hosts… We’re clearly dealing with multiple timelines here (Season 1 certainly had three), but is there more to it? 

2. Is Maeve’s decision to find her daughter part of the larger narrative or is she operating on her own free will? 

This question was certainly raised last season when Mauve decided to get off the train and return to the park, instead leaving it and discovering the joys and pains of the human world. Though I’d love to think Mauve is making her own decisions and doing what is best for her, it is Westworld, and Ford is a tricky dude. He could have programed her to make these decisions and further whatever mysterious narrative he has up his sleeve.

3. What is this new game that William (the Man in Black) will have to play? 

One of the more frustrating moments of the episode was having to endure listening to that kid host deliver a warbled and confounding message to William. Seriously, how many times did you re-wind that part? But the message was simple: There is a new game made just for William. “In this game you have to make it back out. In this game, you must find the door,” the kid hosts proclaims. It’s the search for The Maze all over again. Buckle up. 

4. Is Ford really, really, 100 percent dead? 

Sure, we saw his dead body, which was being consumed by maggots. But I’m someone who refuses to believe his time at the park is over. Would Ford really set up this new, game-changing narrative and then not have a front-row seat to all the action? As much as he’s probably really dead and gone, a part of me thinks he lives. 

5. Why is Delos getting the DNA of Westworld park goers?

Yeah, that’s not creepy at all. For this one, we’ll let the good people of the internet take it from here.

6. What is going on with Bernard?

Okay, dude is clearly having some robot meltdown. He’s in “Terminal Malfunction” and “Critical Corruption” modes and apparently only has 72 hours until catastrophe. But why? Does Ford’s handshake in Season 1 have anything to do with it?

7. Poor Teddy. What happened?  

In the episode’s final moments, we’re shown a sea of dead hosts floating eerily in a massive lake. Bernard proclaims somewhat melodramatically — “I killed them… All of them.” The camera then cuts to one host which looks an awful lot like Teddy (James Marsden). Now a lot of outlets claim it is Teddy, but I remain skeptical. Honestly, I can’t tell. If it is him, what happened? And if it is him, is Dolores floating somewhere in the lake, too? 


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