7 Coronation Street spoilers reveal what's next in Jim and Hannah's shock scam storyline

Coronation Street has got everyone talking this week with Jim McDonald’s shocking scam, which has seen him trick his ex-wife Liz into thinking that their dead daughter Katie is still alive.

With Liz totally convinced that Jim is telling the truth, the controversial storyline with impostor Hannah is only just getting started – with more twists and turns to come over the next few weeks. Here, we’re rounding up seven spoilers which reveal what’s next.

1. Hannah and Steve’s DNA test

Sceptical Steve has wisely demanded a DNA test to prove that Jim and Hannah are telling the truth with their wild claims. In Monday’s episodes, Hannah and Steve both provide swabs for the test, with a result expected in a few weeks’ time.

With the stakes high, does this DNA test put a time limit on Jim and Hannah’s plan? Or can they find some typically soapy way to fake the test and buy themselves even more time?

2. Tracy gets suspicious

Steve hasn’t exactly been welcoming towards his fake sister, but it’s Tracy who Hannah should really be worrying about.

Early next week, Tracy fires a warning shot at Hannah – keen to show that she means business and won’t let Steve get hurt. But could Tracy have met her match in the form of Hannah? Charles Lawson, who plays Jim, didn’t hold back by branding Hannah “a weirdo” in his recent Digital Spy chat, so maybe Tracy should watch out.

3. Hannah fakes a collapse

Hannah is pretending that she has myotonic dystrophy – the same condition as her “father” Jim. This looks set to be a key part of the pair’s scheming over the next few weeks, as they use Hannah’s “condition” to win sympathy – and maybe more.

Next Friday, Hannah hears that Liz still has money left over from the sale of The Rovers and suddenly fakes a collapse. The plan works perfectly, with Liz inviting Hannah to move in so that she can take care of her properly. Uh-oh…

4. Jim continues to have doubts

Jim is clearly having second thoughts about the masterplan he’s hatched with Hannah, as seen when he paid an emotional and guilty visit to Katie’s grave on Friday night.

Next week, Jim’s conscience kicks in again when he questions Hannah on whether they’re going too far with their plan. Charles Lawson also told us recently: “He makes it very clear that he does feel guilty, but unfortunately the damage is done.”

5. Hannah fears Jim still loves Liz

When Jim starts showing his reticence over their nasty plan, Hannah becomes confrontational by accusing him of still having feelings for Liz.

While we’re sure Jim will deny it, Hannah probably has a point. In his recent chat with us, Charles admitted that he reckons Jim’s real hidden agenda is wanting Liz back. Funny way to go about it, but there you go.

He explained: “If you keep watching, I think you’ll find that although Jim has gone along with it, he probably wasn’t the instigator of it. As soon as he sees Elizabeth, he realises that it’s a mistake and he doesn’t want her money.

“Jim just wants Liz back, but by that stage, he’s in too deep. It gives the character a sort of redemption, which is important. Jim’s never been a bad man, he just makes mistakes as every man does.”

6. Jim and Hannah WILL be caught out

All soap villains get their comeuppance – even Pat Phelan did eventually – and Jim will be no different.

In his Digital Spy interview, Charles explained: “Jim has made a terrible mistake and he’s done a horrible thing – and he’ll pay for it. When Liz finds out the truth, she’s bound to be broken-hearted and very disappointed in Jim. And why wouldn’t she be? She still clearly has feelings for him.”

7. Jim leaves

Unsurprisingly given the nature of this storyline, Jim’s return to the cobbles will only be brief. Charles Lawson is now busy working on a stage production of Rebus, and while Corrie producer Iain MacLeod has said the door is open for Jim’s return, nothing is set in stone at the moment.

“If they want to write for me and I’m free, then I’ll be back. That is the plan,” Charles explained.

“Iain’s now in charge, Kate Oates has gone – he has his own agenda and his own plans. But he’s kept me informed so far and that’s a healthy sign and a good relationship, so we’ll see what happens. I’m looking forward to working with Iain again, because I think he’s a good young man.”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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