7 murder mysteries to try if you love Midsomer Murders


Viewers have been loving a trip down memory lane while rewatching Midsomer Murders on ITV3, but once you're all caught up (and since the series began in 1997, we realise this is no small feat), we have a whole host of charming murder mystery dramas to try. Check out our top recommendations, and where you can watch them, here… 


Murder on the Home Front 

Where to watch: BritBox 

Fancy a World War II murder mystery? In this British drama, DI Freddy Wilkins has to discover who murdered several young women. With critics calling it "a cross between Foyle's War and Silent Witness," we think this is definitely one that would suit Midsomer Murders fans! Keep an eye out for The Tudors actress Tamzin Merchant, who plays Molly Cooper. 


Perry Mason 

Where to watch: Sky/NOW TV 

The famous fictional detective returns in a dark brand new murder mystery series. Starring Matthew Rhys as the grubby private investigator, Perry must look into what really happened in a botched kidnap job which resulted in a dead child. The noir, 1930s TV show is unlike anything else on television right now, and is definitely worth the binge-watch. 


No Offence

Where to watch: Netflix 

This truly excellent Channel 4 series follows arguably one of the all-time best fictional police officers DI Viv Deering as the leader of a team at the Manchester Metropolitan Police. In season one, the team must discover the truth behind a series of murders of girls with Down Syndrome, going to new lengths to find the killer. 



Where to watch: Netflix 

David Tennant knows how to pick his murder mystery dramas, with shows like Broadchurch and Deadwater Fell being big hits. However, his appearance in the Netflix show Criminal might be his best yet. The miniseries looks at a group of detectives as they interrogate various different suspects, encouraging confessions or picking holes in their stories while being able to legally hold them without an arrest. It is a race against the clock, locked room drama, and we promise you'll be on the edge of your seat. 


Happy Valley

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer 

This tiptop drama follows Sergeant Catherine Cawood, a well-respected officer who begins to unravel when the father of her late daughter's child is released from prison. Determined that he will begin to commit crimes the moment he is out of jail, Catherine grows slowly obsessed with the former convict – just at the same time that a local young woman goes missing.

Photo: © Rex



Where to watch: Netflix 

While set in modern-day, this series focuses on historic murders. In each of the three series, a body is found that could be decades old, and two detectives must do everything in their power to work out who died so long ago and to track down the culprit – who believed that they got away with the crime scot-free – years and years after the murder was originally committed. 

Photo: © BBC


Death in Paradise 

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer 

Binge-watch the entire series of this beloved murder mystery comedy drama as it follows one lead detective (who changes every few series) as they attempt to solve crimes on the island of St Marie. The latest series saw Ralf Little take over from Ardal O'Hanlon as the new resident Detective Inspector, Neville Parker.

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