7 reality TV moments that were painfully cringeworthy

Reality television is just the gift that keeps on giving.

While we can’t get enough of our favourite shows, sometimes the stars manage to take things just a little too far and suddenly, it all becomes more ridiculous than they ever needed to be. It might make for great television, but it’s hard to know when you’re cringing behind your hands on the sofa.

Here’s a reminder for those moments you may have missed.

1. TOWIE star chooses food over fisticuffs

Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell and Pete Wicks’ feud took a turn for the ridiculous during one of their recent arguments in TOWIE. In a heated exchange with Pete and his new girlfriend, Liam knocked a pizza box out of his rival’s hand in a moment of anger. As Tommy Mallet tried to restrain Pete, Liam picked up the couple’s dinner off the floor and ran off with it.

Honestly, people say this show is scripted but absolutely no one could make that up.

2. When no one picked Marcel on Love Island

He became a fan favourite by the end of Love Island‘s latest series, but Marcel didn’t start off particularly well. After rambling about being in Blazin’ Squad and basically swanning into the villa like God’s gift to women, none of the girls ended up picking him.

You almost felt bad for the guy. Almost.

3. Olly Murs saying the wrong name

Many celebrities manage to juggle numerous careers at once, and the likes of Alesha Dixon, Chezza and Nicole Scherzinger have all made the transition into television perfectly. But spare a thought for Olly who, after announcing prematurely that Monica Michael was being sent packing from The X Factor, learned that perhaps presenting wasn’t really his forte.

Thank God Caroline Flack was there to save the day. Turns out the singer also made the same realisation with Twitter just a few short years later too… Poor Olly.

4. Sam Faiers’ boyfriend’s relationship with his mother

One of the most talked-about TV moments of 2016 came from the unlikely source of Sam Faiers’ boyfriend, Paul Knightley. The camera caught him sharing an awkwardly long kiss on the lips with his mother during a scene in Sam Faiers’ Mummy Diaries, and social media EXPLODED with second-hand embarrassment. The former TOWIE babe was even forced to comment publicly on the bizarre moment after people wouldn’t stop talking about it.

5. George Galloway acting like a cat

It’s one of the most iconic reality TV moments, but sadly for all the wrong reasons. Viewers watched in horror behind their hands as politician George Galloway pretended to be a cat and purred rather convincingly while Rula Lenska pretended to pour out some milk and stroke him.

We’re still not over it.

6. First Dates gone wrong

It’s bound to be one of the most awkward shows on television, but diner John took things to a whole other level when he told his date, Greig, halfway through that he just wasn’t that into him and left. We’ve all been there… but on national television? Mortifying.

7. Blind Date faker caught out

Poor journalist Nicola Gill was made to go undercover on Blind Date back during the show’s hey-day, but she should have known that nothing would get past the legendary Cilla Black. Nicola made it onto the show and even went on a date, but when the couple came back, Cilla revealed that she knew all along.

You can see the horror slowly creeping across Nicola’s face in real time and it’s so tough to watch.

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