'90 Day Fiancé': Colt's Mother Debbie Calls Jess Out for Outburst After Learning Colt's Real Relationship With Vanessa

Colt’s mother, Debbie, has made it clear that she’s not a fan of her son’s girlfriend, Jess, on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? In fact, she’s even said things that she specifically knew would cause an argument between the couple. On Sunday’s episode, Debbie is going to confront Jess about hurting Colt. And Jess isn’t having it.

Jess reacts to Colt’s relationship with Vanessa

It’s no secret that Jess is uncomfortable with Colt’s relationship with Vanessa. We saw her yell at Colt, calling him a liar, and saying she was going to sleep with an ex-boyfriend of hers because he’s “trash.” She also threw her shoes at him.

Colt did admit that he lied to Jess when he said he and Vanessa were no longer speaking. Jess reached out to Vanessa to ask the nature of their relationship and learned she and her boyfriend were speaking every day. Colt also revealed that he and Vanessa had slept together before, but now they’re just friends.

Colt loves drama. In an interview he did with Entertainment Tonight, he said that “it’s like a drug” at this point.

“I think part of the drama, the fire, the passion, is something that I just love, and I honestly think that dating an American girl — grew up down the street — is not even something I can do at this point, because I feel like I need that extra level of excitement,” he told the publication. “It’s like a drug at this point.”

Debbie confronts Jess about hurting Colt

In Sunday’s episode, Debbie talks to Jess and Colt about what happened.

“OK, we need to talk about last night,” she says. “It was not OK. You hurt Colt.”

Jess shoots back that Colt hurt her first by lying, but Debbie argues that Colt didn’t lie, he just didn’t tell her everything. Then, Jess says she messaged Vanessa to get to the bottom of her relationship with Colt and learned they talk regularly.

“And what did you say to her, you call her a b*tch, same as you told me?” asks Debbie. “You cussed at me.”

Jess says she didn’t call Debbie a “b*tch,” she called Vanessa a “b*tch.”

Colton interjects in an effort to keep the peace.

“I think everyone just misunderstands each other and just assumes the worst, because they don’t know each other,” he says. “And when you come to Vegas, you can meet Vanessa. We can all have a drink.”

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