'90 Day Fiancé': Cortney Thinks Big Ed Is the One 'Using' Rose–'He’s the One Tearing Her Down'

90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined star Cortney Reardanz has some thoughts on Big Ed Brown and Rose Vega. Ed and Rose were one of the more controversial 90 Day Fiancé couples to be featured on the show. Ed has accused Rose of using him for money and Rose has accused Ed of using her for fame.

Cortney weighed in with her opinion on the couple in an interview with The Domenick Nati Show and it seems she’s Team Rose.

Ed visits Rose’s family

Cortney has a problem with the way Ed treated Rose and her family when he visited their home.

“How he talked to Rose. He went to a third world country and then he acted like, ‘Ew, you’re poor’ basically. I felt so bad for her and her family. They opened their home to him and I feel like he just kind of exploited them. ‘Ew, they sleep on the floor.’ ‘Ew, they don’t have electricity.’ Like, ‘Ew, this is how they shower.’ ‘Ew, there’s a rat.’ He has the nerve to be like, ‘I don’t think she wants to live here. She wants to go to the US or she wants money or this or that,’” she said.

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Ed has said that he feels Rose was using him for his money. Cortney feels Ed was the one using Rose.

“He’s acting like, ‘Oh, she wants to use me.’ But then he’s the one tearing her down. And he’s the one using her. He saw how her family lived and they’re struggling and then he went there and ate the family’s food and then didn’t do anything to contribute or offer the family a meal or offer them an Airbnb or, you know, do something nice. Even bring a gift to the family. The only gift he got was lingerie for Rose, which was a self-serving gift. Lingerie’s not really a gift for her,” she said.

Cortney feels Ed was trying to tear Rose down to make himself feel better

Cortney also feels Ed was possibly trying to purposefully make Rose feel bad about herself so that she’d feel lucky to be with him.  

“I’m furious if he’s just trying to rip away her self-esteem so then she wants to be with him. Because I feel like a lot of ugly guys that get attractive girls start like tearing down their self-esteem so then they feel, ‘Oh yeah, maybe I am ugly or maybe I smell or maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe another man wouldn’t want me.’ I’m curious if he actually felt that about her or if he was trying to tear down her self-esteem because he feels insecure with himself,” she said.

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