'90 Day Fiancé' Sneak Peek: Andrei Castravet Says Elizabeth Potthast's Sister Is 'Throwing Cheap Shots'

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, the rest of Elizabeth Potthast Castravet’s family that are expected finally arrive in Moldova for Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet’s second wedding. With tensions already running high from a dinner altercation between Andrei and Elizabeth’s brother, Charlie, more of Elizabeth’s family arrives to see the impending nuptials. However, there is clearly some tension, and Elizabeth’s sister makes some comments about Moldova that Andrei calls “cheap shots.”

The rest of Elizabeth Potthast’s expected family arrives in Moldova

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Elizabeth and Andrei arrive at the airport to pick up Elizabeth’s mother and stepdad, as well as her sister, Jenn.

“We are at the airport again, and we’re picking up the rest of my family,” Elizabeth tells producers. Andrei doesn’t look too thrilled about the whole thing at all. “Jenn has arrived today. My mom has arrived, and my stepdad, Walter, is here,” Elizabeth continues.

Andrei says he promised Elizabeth he would be “nice,” and that’s good to know, considering the way the night recently went with Elizabeth’s father and brother. But he does have a plan in place if anything does arise. He plans to “leave” if anything goes down.

Elizabeth’s family finally lands, and everyone greets each other. Elizabeth explains that they’re going to take them to where they’ll be staying, which happens to be the same place Elizabeth’s father, Chuck, and her brother, Charlie, are staying.

“You should get a drink, and you’re going to not be depressed,” Andrei jokes. Then Jenn makes a remark back, “I can’t drink enough for this weather.” When Jenn is able to talk to the cameras alone, she says, “I’ve gotta say, my first impression is pretty much what I thought it would be,” Jenn tells producers. “It’s very gloomy, sad looking.”

They all head off in the car with Andrei driving, and Jenn makes another remark. “God, I feel like how can you not get like depressed here. It’s already dark, and it’s 4 o’clock,” Jenn says. Andrei replies by telling Jenn that it’s November.

“Why don’t you tell us what you really think Jenn?” Elizabeth replies.

Andrei says Elizabeth’s sister is ‘throwing cheap shots’

Jenn doesn’t stop there. She makes another comment. “I will,” Jenn tells her sister. “God, no wonder you wanted to like move away from here.” However, Andrei throws it right back, and asks Jenn why he picked her up from the airport.

“Jennifer is trying to push my buttons as always,” Andrei says to the cameras. “She’s throwing cheap shots all the time at me. I’m not falling for this tonight. I promised I’m going to keep my cool. But she better not be rude to my family, because I’m not going to put up to that.”

It’s pretty clear that Andrei is attempting to be on his best behavior, especially after how things went at dinner the other night. Hopefully, nothing else rocks the boat on the trip to Moldova for Elizabeth and Andrei’s second wedding.

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