A Million Little Things' Gary and Maggie, Take 2? James Roday Rodriguez Weighs In on That Fall Finale Ending

Are one of A Million Little Things‘ original couples on the road to getting together again? Wednesday’s fall finale certainly made it seem like that’s a possibility.

The episode focused on Gary, whose therapist prompted him to reckon with his romantic past. Of course, as Gary was filling a box with reminders of his relationship with Darcy, that was the exact moment that Liam — Darcy’s young son — showed up at Gary’s apartment and said he wanted to live there for good. Realizing that Liam was feeling sidelined by his parents’ reunion and the imminent birth of his sibling, Gary called Darcy to let her know the boy was with him. But it was Stephen, Darcy’s ex-husband, who showed up to retrieve the boy. And Gary’s growth over the course of this season allowed him to be gracious to Stephen and to help patch things up between Liam and his dad.

Before the kid left, Gary gifted him his prized Bruins cap. “Wherever you go, whether we’re together or not, when you wear this, I’m with you,” Gary said, hugging him.

Then, at the end of the episode, Gary accepted Maggie’s impromptu invitation to accompany her to Albany to talk with her stalker, who turned out to be the grieving and angry mother of a former therapy client who’d killed himself. (And did we mention that, when he was tossing all previous relationship mementos, he wound up keeping the “I’m in” Post-It from Maggie?)

Even though Maggie seems happily enmeshed with Cam, with whom she exchanged “I love yous” earlier in the episode… might we be on the precipice of a Gary/Maggie reunion? That was one of several topics of conversation when TVLine got on the phone with James Roday Rodriguez to chat about the episode.

TVLINE | This episode feels like a bit of a turning point for Gary. Do you think that that’s overstating it?
Well, I think there’s an opportunity being presented for closure, for an opportunity to sort of clean the slate and move on, and maybe let other doors open. I think if he was a healthier person, he might be able to recognize that the best version of that is probably something new, something that he has yet to see, someone that he’s yet to meet. But because he’s Gary [Laughs] and he’s a part of this group of humans, I suspect that he will choose to recognize that that door leads him back to a familiar place.

TVLINE | I’m torn, because I was very into Gary and Maggie at the beginning of the series, but you all did such a nice job of breaking them off and getting them into these other healthy relationships. So what do you way to the Gary/Maggie ‘shippers who’ve been carrying that torch all this time? What should they read into this?
Well, I would say on the one hand, I understand why Gary and Maggie ‘shippers exist, because they were a pretty integral, sort of architectural element of the show and where it began and why it felt like maybe we were doing something worth watching, right? On the flip side, I think [Gary and Maggie are] two incredibly dysfunctional people who may only be able to achieve a facsimile of function with one another. Now, maybe that’s not the most romantic reason for the two of them to get back together, but I do think we’ve seen enough of them away from each other to wonder if it’s possible for them to not sabotage any other thing that they’re a part of. [Laughs]

So maybe there is just this sort of invisible line that exists between the two of them, and it’s kind of futile to fight against it, and the sooner they stop fighting, maybe, you know, the happier they’ll be — in their own twisted, dysfunctional way.

TVLINE | When you spoke with my colleague, Matt Mitovich, you mentioned that the Gary/Darcy storyline was maybe not as done as it seemed. Anything to add now?
I was referring to this episode, as there was still maybe one more epilogue to come.

TVLINE | Got it.
Yeah. I mean, she’s carrying the other dude’s baby. Like, that’s a game over, right? Game, set, match, dude. You’re out. You’re out. He’s back in. That’s it. Even on our show. Even on this show, it has to be it. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Sophie seems in a really forgiving mood now, and in a much better place —except when it comes to Gary. What can you tease about that relationship and its possible repair as the season progresses?
I think the issue with Sophie and Gary is that she trusted him in a way that she hasn’t trusted any of the other adults on this show, including her own mother, since Jon passed. So, I think the degree of disappointment in Gary dwarfs anything that she has experienced. I mean, yes, she came around with Eddie eventually, but also, like, who was Eddie to her, really?

I think this was a great betrayal… and I think it’s fair, frankly, that she would say, “Get out of my life forever.” There has to be consequences when you make decisions like this, and the truth is, he got lucky by not having to go to jail. So everything doesn’t come up roses when you break into some dude’s house and bag his head and he ends up clinging to life in a hospital bed. Like, you’ve got to pay the piper at some point, and I think that’s what Gary is doing with Sophie. That’s, like, the worst punishment he could have gotten, honestly. That’s worse, I think, than going to jail.

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