A Place in the Sun newcomer recalls buyer halting property search due to ‘bad vibes’

Leah Charles-King reveals ‘change of plans’ during filming

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Earlier this year, A Place in the Sun introduced its newest presenter Leah Charles-King to the Channel 4 property programme. Leah isn’t shy of the camera as she was a successful Children’s TV presenter before turning her hand to property. However, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Leah spoke about making her A Place in the Sun debut.

She went on to address how one set of house hunters stopped a property search because they felt “bad vibes”.

During the first episode she filmed, Leah hoped to find couple Carrie and Steve their dream holiday home.

However, one of the property searches didn’t quite go to plan.

Leah began: “With Carrie and Steve in the first episode, the second property that we walked into Carrie said she had a bad feeling about it.”

The presenter continued: “There was a cracked mirror and she felt that there were bad vibes and she really disliked the property.

“And I just said, ‘Shall we leave?’ and she said, ‘Yeah, let’s go’.

“So, if they don’t like it, then I’m not going to flog a dead horse as they say.

“It’s like, ‘fine, you don’t like it, let’s find you somewhere better’.”

Leah also discussed how she dealt with “fussy” house hunters while filming for the Channel 4 series.

Speaking about when a guest doesn’t like a property, Leah began: “I’ve had that about three times now.

“So, yeah, I have had that actually, a few times when we have walked into a property, and they’ve gone ‘I hate it’.”

The presenter, who has filmed a few episodes so far, explained she has loved meeting all her house-hunters.

“There’s just so much banter and so much fun,” Leah added.

“I really am interested [to learn] about their family, their friends, their lifestyles and what they want.

“I work really hard with the team to make sure that happens as much as possible and that they’re also looked after whilst they’re with us.”

Leah went on to discuss what it has been like when filming for the property programme.




The property expert said she hopes viewers enjoy watching her episodes as much as she has enjoyed shooting them.

She went on to add that in every episode she has filmed so far, “there’s some kind of drama”.

“I’ve seen quite a few of the episodes we have shot so far, and even from me watching as a viewer I’ve been entertained,” Leah explained.

“So, I hope that the audience enjoys them as much as I’ve enjoyed filming them.”

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.


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