A Place in the Sun: Scarlette Douglas halts property search as guest breaks down in tears

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Scarlette, 32, was on hand to help couple David and Michelle find a holiday home for themselves and their daughter in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. The A Place in the Sun presenter had set herself the criteria to adhere to, with the guests looking to find a property with a nice outside space, three bedrooms and within an hour of the coast. After a tough search, the Channel 4 star finally came through as the pair gave quite the reaction to the fifth and final home she had to show them, leading her to halt proceedings.

Located in the town of Tolox, 45 minutes away from the coast, the property boasted the mountainous views the couple were looking for.

The three-bedroom property was also a five-minute walk away from the town centre, meaning their daughter could integrate herself into the community and make friends easily.

With a budget of £60,000, both Michelle and David were blown away when Scarlette told them it was on the market for £55,000.

On first look at the holiday home and without even entering the house, the mother-of-one burst into tears as the presenter had finally found the property they were looking for.

However, this did mean the rest of the viewing had to be put on hold as the presenter consoled both her mesmerised guests.

Michelle commented on the location at first, stating it was the “type of place” she and her partner were hoping to find.

Overcome with emotion, the guest broke down with Scarlette putting her arm around the mother-of-one to ask if she was okay.

“What’s going on?” the presenter asked, to which Michelle could just about say she thought the property was “lovely”.

David was too overcome by the moment as he told the host he was starting to shake with excitement at seeing the home.


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