A Place in the Suns Jasmine Harman fights tears over buyers backstory: Make me go!

A Place In The Sun: Jasmine wells up over couple's love story

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Sue and Pete were hoping to find the perfect new home in Cyprus to start a new life in the sunshine with their puppy, Billy. With a budget of £250,000, A Place in the Sun’s Jasmine Harman was on-hand to deliver some expert advice and find the best-suited houses on the market. During the Channel 4 show though, she asked the pair about their relationship and had to fight back tears as the couple expressed their love for each other.

After visiting their second property, a three-bed house in Mandria, Pete commented: “I can see myself here.”

“I’ve just got a connection straight away,” Sue added. “It’s something – I can see myself here and visualise it.”

A pleased Jasmine asked: “When you first met, what was it that attracted you to each other?”

Sue explained: “We were friends for a long time. Now, I look at him and he’s just the other half of me.”

Pete continued: “Yeah, like she said we were friends for a long time.

“And now she’s the beat of my heart.”

The 46-year-old host became emotional as she commented: “You’re going to make me go now.”

She fought back tears and brushed at her face before continuing with the tour.

The first property was quickly rejected by the couple.

A three-bedroom home in Khathikas Village, the home came fully furnished with a fitted kitchen, private swimming pool and air-conditioning throughout.

Jasmine seemed exasperated as the pair admitted it wasn’t for them.

“Location good, views good but everything else not so sure,” she summed up.

“It looks like this house hunt is going to be tricker than I imagined,” she added.

As they explained the need for a more open-planned space, Jasmine set her sights on a property more suited to the couple.

When it came to the fifth and final property, the couple called off the search before it had begun.

Taking in the stunning hillside villa in Skoulli, Pete explained that he loved the look of it but it wouldn’t be suitable with his painful knee.

They confessed to Jasmine there would be no point looking inside.

When decision time came, the couple made an offer on the Mandria property.

Although it was valued at £254,464, they offered £235,000 as a first and final offer.

The price was rejected by the sellers, who made a counter-offer of just under £238,500.

Pete refused to shift his price though, explaining: “If I started to go up a little bit here a little bit there I’d be unhappy, and I want to be happy.”

After Jasmine explained to the sellers, they called back and accepted the offer.

Jasmine once again became emotional, stating: “I can’t speak right now!”

She added: “Congratulations,” before beginning to sob. “What am I like?” She asked.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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