A Young Feminist Teams Up With a Sleaze Specialist in the New Trailer for 'Minx'

An upstart feminist starts a revolutionary magazine after partnering with a publisher who specializes in smut in the new trailer for the upcoming HBO Max series, Minx, premiering on March 17. 

The Seventies-set series stars Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce, a young woman eager to start a radical magazine dubbed The Matriarch Awakens. While she’s unsurprisingly shot down by an array of old men in the publishing world, she manages to elicit the interest of Doug (Jake Johnson), who’s willing to publish her magazine with a few tweaks: “You’ve got to hide the medicine — it’s like when you give a pill to a dog, you dip it in peanut butter first,” Doug tells Joyce in the trailer. “Nude men!”

The rest of the clip finds Joyce chronicling the sexual revolution and picking out centerfold hunks, while also fighting against political power players eager to shut her magazine down. Adding one more wrinkle, it turns out that an upstanding fellow like Doug has some ties to organized crime.

Along with Lovibond and Johnson, Minx stars Idara Victor, Jessica Lowe, Lennon Parham, Michael Angarano, and Oscar Montoya. The show was created by Ellen Rapoport, who also serves as its showrunner.

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