A&Es Adults Adopting Adults Reality Series Yanked After Three Episodes

The A&E reality series Adults Adopting Adults has been abruptly pulled from the network and its streaming outlets. The show was last seen on Feb. 14 and had another show set for Feb. 21, but the latter didn’t air.

Speculation as to why the show was suddenly pulled is churning up all sorts of rumors, most of them concerning the unsettling behavior and history of one of the series stars. Adults Adopting Adults was originally scheduled for 10 episodes.

The show’s premise focused on couples who were interested in taking legal responsibility for other adults. One couple in particular, Christy and Danny Huff, were trying to adopt a 20-year-old, Ileana, from Austria. The show seemed to take a turn toward the dark side when it was revealed that 59-year-old Danny once tried to adopt an 18-year-old young woman, but claimed to have developed romantic feelings for her. Christy expressed worries that history was repeating itself.

There was also the matter of some resurfaced TikTok videos where Danny made comments on racial issues.

In a statement to the Daily Beast, Danny Huff denied he was the reason the show was canceled.  “I never had any inappropriate actions, words, comments, anything to (Ileana).”

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