‘AGT’: A Contestant Terrifies Sofia Vergara With Crazy Stunt

‘I’ve never seen anything more horrible!’ the judge tells Chef Boy Bonez, who makes her scared so much that she trips and falls onto some audience members because of his performance.

AceShowbiz -“America’s Got Talent” aired its new episode on Tuesday, June 23. In the new outing, one contestant stole the attention of the judges, Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Eric Stonestreet, who filled in for sick Heidi Klum. However, it was not in a good way.

Chef Boy Bonez took the stage to show off his rapping skills. But it was his disturbing eye trick that received so much attention. He approached the judges’ panel before unexpectedly popping out his eye balls in front of Sofia, much to her surprise.

She quickly stood up and went to the back because of the terrifying sight. She was so scared that she tripped and fell onto some audience members. The “Modern Family” star stayed sitting on the lap of some until the wild performance was over. Meanwhile, Eric yelled, “I can’t look! They are still out! Put them back in!”

“I’ve never seen anything more horrible!” Sofia hilariously told the Chef Boy Bonez following the performance. He then responded, “Horrible?!” and popped his eyes at her again. “You’re gonna hurt yourself! How was I the only one that gave him an X?” she exclaimed.

The Colombian star pushed her X buzzer for Chef Boy Bonez, hoping to eliminate him. However, the other judges gave him a yes. “I think there’s a market for this,” Simon argued. “I always say this: Without acts like you, we don’t exist. So I’m going to kick us off with a yes (vote).”

“Eric, don’t betray me,” Sofia told Eric, who then responded, “This is ridiculous. I don’t deserve this. Heidi deserves this. I’ll tell you what. This is probably the only day I’m going to be here this season, so I’m going to torture the rest of you guys with a ‘yes.’ “

Also among those who auditioned that night were Extreme Dance Force, comedian Ty Barnett, Australian singer Annie Jones, Nashville guitar player Jesse Krame and Bone Breakers.

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