Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace reveals she has stalker leaving threatening notes at her home – after being forced to move house

AISLEYNE Horgan-Wallace has revealed she has a stalker leaving threatening notes at her – after being forced to move house to deal with the harassment.

The Big Brother star, 42, swapped her previous property for a more secure gated community to keep safe from her stalker.

However, he appears to have followed her to her new address and is persisting with intimidating behaviour.

Aisleyne wrote on social media today: "I purposely moved to a GATED supposedly 24 hour guarded community for safety… they have a full description of my stalker & his registration number yet he still drives in, leaves threatening notes & I have to call police. If anything happens to me, its this guy."

Fans were shocked she was having to put up with it, with one writing: "Omg this is unbelievable, get a picture of him if u can and post it EVERYWHERE, he won't be long in going into hiding then, I hope your OK and he's delt with soon, your bound to be so scared."

Another said: "Oh that’s just not right, lots of new laws against stalking the police should be doing more."

A third posted: "Jesus hope you're okay. Talk to the security on the gate and show them the picture of his car so it hopefully doesn't happen again x."

Aisleyne has been targeted by a number of unsavoury characters in recent years.

In 2018 a sick burglar stole her underwear, while the year before she was held at gunpoint in her London home. 

In an exclusive chat with The Sun Online, Aisleyne said: "When I found out about the burglary, I suffered an awful panic attack.

"A rash just came all over my body, I was hyperventilating.

"It's the violation, the thought that someone has been through all my personal belongings."

Aisleyne feared an online stalker was the culprit and was concerned about further attacks.

She added: "If they've gone to that extreme to break in just to steal my underwear, it feels scarier than a typical burglar.

"It makes me feel like, what's next?

"The police think that it's most likely to be a stalker who has been watching the house because I've had someone trolling me online for months and I think it's him.

"I'm just devastated that I wasn't home to protect my dogs."

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