Alex Jones left red-faced as Chris Ramsey takes swipe at appearance: ‘Look terrible!’

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Former Strictly Come Dancing finalist Chris Ramsey has been joining Alex Jones on The One Show this week, taking over from the likes of Amol Rajan and Gethin Jones who’ve been stepping in in recent weeks. The comedian’s proved a hit with BBC viewers thanks to his onscreen chemistry with regular host and the pair’s back-and-forths. And tonight was no different when Chris took aim at the Alex’s nails, leaving her pleading: “Don’t”.

Alex and Chris were discussing the possibility of a cashless society as more and more businesses adopt a card-only payment system in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

During their chat, Alex was keen to learn when Chris last used to cash to make a payment.

Chris replied: “It was 10 to 10 on Monday morning, Newcastle train station, the taxi driver who dropped us off to come here wanted cash so I paid cash.”

Alex was taken aback by the detail of Chris’ story which also brought laughter from the crew in the studio.

Chris was then eager to know when Alex last used cash and it was a lot longer ago than his last experience.

“I think, this sounds mad, but I think it was a year last April,” Alex said.

Chris asked: “A year last April? And what was that for?”

Alex said: “It was the last time I had my nails done because -” but Chris cut her off spotting the opportunity for a joke.

“They are looking terrible at the moment, like,” he joked, prompting Alex to cover up her hands.

The One Show host hit back: “Don’t! But they didn’t take card.”


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