Alison Hammond’s date ends in disaster on Celebs Go Dating leaving fans cringing

Alison Hammond was left unsure how to handle her latest date on Celebs Go Dating, with fans feeling awkward for her.

Bobby Ray didn't exactly seem thrilled to be there, with a number of "weird" actions leaving viewers both laughing and cringing.

Alison had high hopes for Bobby, not getting a spark with her previous date.

But she was left doing all the work on her latest one, when Bobby turned up.

Viewers couldn't handle the awkward situations unfolding, with Alison bringing her usual humour to liven things up.

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Bobby first confused Alison by revealing he had no plans to eat on their dinner date.

As Alison reeled from this statement, viewers were a little more confused over something else.

Bobby kept his coat on for the entire date, something Alison picked up on much later on.

She tried to keep the conversation going, asking about his life and his acting.

But Bobby didn't have too much to say – leading to Alison requesting they put on a show together, putting their acting abilities to the test in a break-up scene.

Except he didn't get the point of the performance, and didn't "dump" Alison like she had asked.

In fact it was Alison doing the dumping, putting an end to the evening and hinting as much as she could that there would be no second date.

Bobby seemed keen to see her again though, leaving fans confused.

The final straw came when Alison went to say goodbye, and he stayed in his seat.

Viewers took to Twitter over the hilariously awkward scenes, with many praising the This Morning star – as others were very confused by Bobby.

One fan said: "Bobby was the most boring human in existence. Give the beautiful @AlisonHammond a firecracker pleaseeee."

Another tweeted: "Why is #Bobby having dinner with his coat still on…. odd."

A third commented: "That improv break up with Alison and bobby was one of the best things seen on tv in a long time."

Celebs Go Dating continues Sundays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

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