‘America Unearthed’ Moves To Discovery’s Travel Channel After H2 Closure – TCA

America Unearthed has found a new home. The documentary series, which previously aired on A+E Networks-owned H2 has moved to Discovery’s Travel Channel.

This comes after H2 was rebranded to Viceland in 2016.

Travel Channel has ordered ten episodes of the show, which is hosted by original host Scott Wolter. The show follows the geologist, who investigates mysteries and artifacts believed to reveal an alternative history of the North American continent before the United States

The series is produced by Committee Films. It is exec produced by Andy Awes and Maria Awes and Daniel Schwartz.

“Travel Channel is the perfect new home for this show,” said Wolter. “The series has always been known for great storytelling, cutting-edge science and beautiful cinematography, but now my adventures are going to be epic.”

“With a serious built-in fanbase, Scott is ready to get to the bottom of a whole new batch of mysteries and build on the success of the earlier seasons,” added Jane Latman, general manager, Travel Channel. “Adding ‘America Unearthed’ to the Travel Channel slate is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and ratings driver.”

Elsewhere, the network has ordered Mission Declassified, fronted by journalist Christof Putzel, who previously worked on Al Jazeera America and has been featured on ABC’s Nightline, Good Morning America and CNN.

The nine-part show, which launches on March 24, will feature cases including a 1962 escape from Alcatraz, the hunt for DB Cooper and the Lindbergh kidnapping.

Mission Declassified is produced for Travel Channel by Red Arrow Studios-owned Karga Seven Pictures with Kelly McPherson, Emre Sahin, Sarah Wetherbee, Jason Wolf and Chris Bray as executive producers alongside Christine Shuler.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity in this series to show our audience how investigations work and why so many of history’s biggest headlines remain a mystery,” said Putzel. “While it can be a frustrating, sometimes daunting, adventure with no guarantee of success, it can also unveil new knowledge and that will bring us closer to the truth.”

“For a seasoned investigator, new information is the lifeblood of any quest,” added Latman. “We’re excited to go on this fascinating journey with Christof every week, and we know whatever he uncovers will help separate fact from fiction.”

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