American Horror Story season 10 officially delayed until 2021 after coronavirus shutdown production – The Sun

AMERICAN Horror Story has been delayed until the start of 2021 due to the coronavirus forcing production to shut down.

The series was set to release it's tenth season this year, but now the twisted gothic world will not be making its return to screens until next year.

The show will see the likes of Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates feature once again, but it was confirmed on Twitter that fans will have to wait even longer to see them back in action.

This comes just a day after creator Ryan Murphy confirmed an American Horror Story spin-off.

However, the program will change the show's original format, by airing individual, one-hour episodes that are not connected to a narrative that plays out for the entire series.

Murphy, 54, also revealed that the theme of the series' tenth series will have to change, as initial adverts showed pictures of a mermaid emerging from the waves and the image of a lighthouse.

Speaking of the spin-off series, American Horror Story star Sarah Paulson says she “hopes to direct” and star in the new spin-off series.

The actress revealed she and producer Ryan Murphy have been having “conversations” after he revealed he’s working on episodic anthology – standalone, individual episodes – of the series.

Sarah told The Hollywood Reporter: "I can't say anything about it except for that I hope to be directing the new [series].

"I hope that will in fact come to fruition. Not with anything official, but in fun, playful conversations with the man, that has been floated about. So hopefully!"

Season 9, which hit screens last year, was called 1984 and ended with Camp Redwood drenched in blood after being terrorised by undead counsellors.

The series villain Margaret Booth was hacked to bits by Camp Redwood's ghosts before being chucked in a wood chipper.

But actress Leslie Grossman dropped a bombshell and revealed that the ending was almost completely dfferent.

She said: "[Creator] Ryan [Murphy] and I were like, 'Well, how is this going to go?' He was like, 'Well, I think this should happen,' and then it was like, 'Well, I think this should happen.'

"There were scenarios where Margaret was going to live, and then it was like, 'No, she’s got to go, and she’s got to go horrifically because she’s awful and everybody, the audience, really needs to see her brutally killed.'"

American Horror Story airs on FX in the US and on FOX and NOW TV in the UK. Catch up on series 1-8 on Netflix, with seasons 1-9 available to buy on Amazon Prime Video.

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