Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman's 'Making It': NBC Social Accounts Craft Bad Show Title Puns to Celebrate Premiere

It was a pun free-for-all as NBC’s lineup of shows created crafty twists on one another’s names in an epic Twitter thread.

It’s not often that television shows come together to support another show, but there was an almost unified front for Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman’s new crafting series on NBC, "Making It."

The show’s Twitter page promoted the Tuesday-night premiere with a pair of videos of Poehler and Offerman trying to come up with craft related puns for celebrity names and even insults. They then challenged Twitter to get in on the action and immediately got the show’s name and the challenge trending deep into the night on Tuesday.

But they got their biggest responses seem to have come from all the people in charge of social accounts for other television shows. They started putting crafty puns on the names of shows from NBC and beyond, and then those shows crafted up the names of other shows, keeping the trend going.

If we’re being completely honest, these puns are pretty bad. But then, Poehler and Offerman set that bar pretty low themselves. Or perhaps there just is no such thing as a pun that doesn’t induce groaning. Nevertheless, some of these are so bad they’re kind of great.

We’ve gathered some of the best worst puns from across the TV landscape and beyond, and now it’s just about waiting until HGTV makes a show with each and every one of these names. In the meantime, we’ll just sit back and enjoy the fact that for once the Internet made something nice.

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