Andrew Neil slammed as viewers hit out at excruciating Channel 4 show Doesnt work!

Viewers left baffled by Andrew Neil's impressions

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Andrew Neil returned to TV last week after his dramatic exit from GB News. The former chairman of GB News quit after just three months in the role and is now back on-screen fronting a new evening talk show. However, Channel 4 viewers took to Twitter to blast the veteran broadcaster on Sunday evening. 

The broadcaster interviewed the Shadow Secretary for Work and Pensions Jonathan Ashworth.

He also welcomed The Telegraph’s Madeline Grant and The Mirror’s Pippa Crerar.

Andrew began the show by mocking the ongoing Wagatha Christie trial between Rebekah Vardy and Colleen Rooney. 

He concluded the show by putting on a few questionable accents.

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The Andrew Show viewers weren’t impressed with Sunday’s instalment.

@putu117_putu1 tweeted: “Excruciating & painful watching neil, his impression of Gove was stunningly s**t! #AndrewNeilShow.” (sic)

@TheRealElwynD added: “I was willing to give the #andrewneilshow a chance, but it doesn’t quite work. He hasn’t changed. If anything, he’s got worse. 

“And the decision of Channel 4 executives to help him rehabilitate his image after his GBeebies fiasco is questionable.”

“Just to think…..I used to admire Andrew Neil !!??(Just like Piers Morgan: Given a show of his own & turned out to be a DAMP SQUIB !!!) #AndrewNeilShow,” @tighabhinn wrote. (sic)

@DannyDenay questioned: “So what has this half hour of political programming achieved? #AndrewNeilShow.”

“Andrew Neil. Demonstrating why he found himself washed up on a BBC politics show.. close to midnight. Using hard right false equivalences (“cancel culture” and woke) never a good look. And expecting one line, sound bite answers to complex questions! #andrewneilshow,” @eu4evernow remarked.

@anthonysargent said: “The @Channel4 #AndrewNeilShow is a disgraceful replacement for the great Jon Snow. This interview is more about Neil’s ego than giving the viewer any sense of what Labour are about. Too much shouting and posturing for a Sunday afternoon.”

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