'Archive 81': Netflix Drops Trailer for New Found-Footage Horror Show

Netflix has shared the new trailer for their supernatural mystery series Archive 81, arriving on the streaming service on Jan. 14.

Archive 81, loosely based on a popular podcast, weaves together two story lines: In 1994, a documentarian named Melody is working on a film about her bizarre and possibly cult-filled apartment building, and — 25 years later — an archivist reconstructs Melody’s story by restoring her scorched videotapes.

“I’m obsessed with mystery box shows, the kind that lead us down a rabbit hole into a strange, dark world,” showrunner, executive producer and writer Rebecca Sonnenshine said in a statement.  Archive 81 is a character-driven, deeply emotional story about the nature of art, faith, and the search for identity — all wrapped up in a frayed blanket of existential dread. The show also gave this film geek the chance to unearth all sorts of forgotten media formats as found footage, which results in a unique, visually textured story that is both beautiful and terrifying.”

Archive 81’s eight hour-long episodes arrive on Netflix Jan. 14. The series stars Dina Shihabi as Melody and Mamoudou Athie as archivist Dan Turner, and features The Conjuring and Malignant director James Wan among its producers.

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