'Avengers 4' Directors Spark Fan Theories, Title Speculation with Picture and Two Words: 'Look Hard'

Will the X-Men be introduced? Did they just confirm a major death theory? Or did they just reveal the title? No one knows, but everyone’s studying this photo to figure it out.

"Avengers 4" directors Joe and Anthony Russo asked their Twitter followers to "look hard" at a picture on Wednesday morning, and it’s driving Marvel fans nuts.

They’ve been looking hard — very hard — since it was tweeted out at 6:54 a.m., and so far no one has truly figured out what the hell they’re supposed to see in the photo of Joe sitting on a chair looking at his laptop in what appears to be a Hollywood studio sound stage. But there have been plenty of guesses, ranging from the plausible to the absolutely ridiculous, like the official title of the highly anticipated follow up to "Avengers: Infinity War," or a sign that Homer Simpson will appear.

Before we take a deep dive into this rabbit hole that may very eventually lead to the realization that the Russo bros were just messin’ with us, take a look at the photo for yourself:


We were never good at playing I Spy, nor were we any good at figuring out those "Magic Eye" stereogram books. Honestly, even "Where’s Waldo" books gave us a headache, so we got nothin’.

But the seemingly simple picture has been keeping fans busy for hours, and the guesses are pure Hump Day entertainment. So since we are clueless, here are our favorite guesses, so far.

I Spy, with My Little Eye, a Bunch of Letters That Might Mean Something

There’s an Official Title in Here Somewhere. Maybe.

Surprise Character Additions?

Who Lives and Who Dies

The Quantum Realm?

A Different Perspective

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