Avicii revealed he lived on a cocktail of addictive prescription drugs before his shock death

In unearthed footage from his True Stories documentary, the DJ, real name Tim Bergling, told how he felt like he "was constantly in a haze" while taking opiate-based painkillers.

Avicii died suddenly in Oman last week aged 28. His family are currently in the country and are preparing to bring his body back to Sweden.

Since his death fans have recalled worrying interviews that showed the extent of his problems.

One clip from the 2017 documentary shows Avicii leaving hospital in Australia and going back on the road the next day.

Although his eyes appear to be rolling back in his head because of the medication he's on, Avicii still agrees to take part in media interviews.

When excessive drinking landed him in hospital in 2012, he developed acute pancreatitis the following year but remained on tour in Australia.

He took strong medication to control the problem but because he wasn’t allowed to drink or eat until the swelling had gone down he existed purely on medication for days at a time.

After having his gallbladder and appendix removed, Avicii was told to take Percocet.

The opiate-based drug is highly addictive and Avicii said he didn’t want to stay on the medication.

He explained: “It felt like I was constantly in a haze.

“[I didn’t] know how long it was going to be like that for…and the doctors didn’t know either.”

“I was on all these kind of medications. And they were saying ‘oh this is fine, this is not addictive.’

“I was taking all these pills that weren’t meant to be addictive…and they made me feel more anxious. This kept going, and I started touring again.”

Avicii finally quit touring in March 2016 – after performing live a staggering 813 times since getting his break in 2008.

He predicted he would die young and left his family, friends and fans heartbroken when this chillingly became true.

Earlier this week his family thanked his loyal followers for their support after the shocking news of his death.

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