Bachelorette Hannah Brown shows off new LA apartment with ocean view rooftop after scoring big payday for DWTS win

BACHELORETTE Hannah Brown showed off her new LA apartment after scoring a big payday for her DWTS win last year.

On Wednesday, Hannah, 26, uploaded a YouTube video about her struggle to organize her new California pad, which gave fans a look at her new place and its ocean views.

Hannah – who appeared on season 23 of The Bachelor and the fifteenth season The Bachelorette – won Dancing With The Stars last November in a stunning finale.

The former Miss Alabama USA admitted that she isn't the most organized beauty queen after showing off her stunning rooftop views on Instagram.

"Today is the day the Lord has made for me," Hannah quipped on her channel this week, as two ladies helped to makeover her stunning abode.

"Y'all, I live in disaster," Hannah revealed. "I have anxiety but when you see my closet you'll understand. So, today, I have The Home Sort with me and they're going to make my life just so much more organized."

Hannah said her messy wardrobe reflected her life when "you kind of like hide everything behind the closet."

Her kitchen-living area was crowded and messy in the footage, along with her bulging walk-in wardrobe, where teddies, suitcases, and jeans lay heaped in disarray.

Hannah's sizable second bedroom was piled high with clothes, makeup, and accessories because she "ran out of space."

As the makeover experts got to work, viewers saw the spacious apartment come to life, from the huge pantry, to the airy living room, and luxurious bedroom – not to mention the now-neatly arranged closets.

Hannah moved in back in January after her big DWTS win – according to Variety, contestants earn $125,000 during rehearsal and up to $295,000 if they make it past week three.

During the coronavirus pandemic, she left LA to platonically quarantine with her former flame Tyler Cameron in Florida, after the death of his mom and her brother Patrick's near-fatal overdose.

Speaking about the experience on a YouTube video entitled "What Really Happened," the pair opened up about their complex relationship in a candid fireside chat.

"Everyone thought that we were in love," she said after revealing they slept in the same bed for 18 days but were never intimate. "People think we were hooking up the whole time. Never kissed."

Finally, Hannah decided to leave and although Tyler was "cold" about it at the time, the pair are working on their friendship.

Real estate and rumored boyfriends aside, it's certainly been an eventful year for the nation's favorite bachelorette, who saved a man from drowning in Tennessee over the summer.

Back in July, she apparently saved a man who had been dragged by the current while she was white water rafting.

Hannah's brother, Patrick, also verified the story when he posted a picture of the two at Ocoee Paddleboarding & Watersports.

But she's also faced criticism this year after apparently rapping a racial slur during an Instagram Live video in May, which she apologized for.

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