Bachelorette Katie Thurston reveals she's in a 'healthy relationship' now after 'wrapping season early by dumping men'

BACHELORETTE star Katie Thurston may have revealed she's in a new healthy relationship.

She reportedly recently wrapped her show season early by quickly sending home men she wasn't interested in dating.

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Katie shared an Instagram video captioned: "Can’t start a healthy relationship without being healthy. Got my vaccine today! #covidvacccine"

In the video, she said: "Oh, good morning. Did I sleep on my couch? Yes. ut is today a great day for a vaccine? Absolutely.

"Am I gonna shower first? No, it's early. Who showers before 10? Last night's makeup, today's smokey eye,

"Look, I hate getting shots, but I'm not doing this for me. I do this for my mom, who is an essential worker, or my sister who is pregnant, or my nieces and nephews who are still in school. I do it for my grandparents, my friends, my community, for you.

She then thanked the worker who gave her the vaccine and concluded "so do your part. Get the vaccine. Let's fight this together."

Yesterday sources told Us Weekly, Katie's season was reportedly so successful it wrapped early.

Insiders shared the franchise's new star was "in control" and very quickly sent lots of men home.

Sources said: “Katie was in control and made sure the men she wanted were there and the men she wasn’t interested in, she sent packing.”

They added filming “went great and it wrapped a week ahead of schedule.”

Production began in New Mexico in March and wrapped on Saturday, April 24.

Earlier this week, the first promo for Katie's season dropped.

She said in the commercial: "I don't regret being myself. I know what I deserve. I never want to stop pursuing love.

"I am who I am and I want to meet someone who knows who they are. My person is still out there."

Fans took notice of Katie on season 25 of The Bachelor when she showed up to meet Matt James for the first time while holding a vibrator.

Earlier this month fans caught Katie wearing a $900 designer skirt backward in a promo shoot.

The Star Style Instagram account posted: "They have Katie wearing a Saint Laurent latex skirt backward for the first Bachelorette promo."

Here For the Right Reasons podcaster, Sarah Hearon joined in on the criticism, sharing: "We need to talk about the skirt again. She is wearing it backward."

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