BBC Breakfast turns tense as Naga Munchetty shuts down Charlie Stayts idea

Naga Munchetty quickly shut down co-star Charlie Stayt on BBC Breakfast after he suggested she write a line out 100 times as a punishment.

The duo were discussing school-time punishments while taking a look at some newspaper headlines.

Naga, 46, picked up on a story about punishments, when she said: "I was never given lines at school."

Charlie, 59, asked her: "You mean when you'd done something wrong?"

His co-host replied: "Yes, I don't know if it happens now with children today, but there obviously was a time where you did, 'I will not lie or I will not hit my friend on the head.'

"I was never given any. Were you?"

Charlie quietly confessed that he had, turning away as Naga asked him what he'd had to write out.

But he didn't answer, instead asking: "Shall I write one for you now that you need to write out 100 times through the programme?"

Naga laughed at the suggestion, before agreeing to go along with it, saying: "Okay, let's see what he comes up with."

Charlie asked viewers to suggest their own lines for what Naga should write, but soon had a change of heart.

Naga agreed, looking directly at the camera with a cautious look, saying: "No, let's not do that. Twitter might go mad!"

Before long, Naga explained that the reason to her line of questions was because, according to one newspaper article, "the practice of writing lines dates back more than 2,000 years".

She said: "What's happened is, a cache of 18,000 ancient Egyptian notebooks has been found.

"It's revealed that in the day-to-day life of people in the time of Ptolemy XII, father of Cleopatra who reigned in the first century BC, the pieces of limestone pottery are used as an alternative to papyrus paper.

“It basically shows shopping lists, trade records, and schoolwork.

“More than 100 pieces of evidence of school work looks suspiciously to those who experienced detention when you used to write lines over and over again to get it into your head.

“Perhaps it was just an easy punishment I suppose."

She then returned to Charlie, asking if he'd come up with a punishment line for her.

But he told her: "No, I started writing a few things and then decided just no. It's not really going to work."

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.

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