BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin opens up about live TV stress and mental health

BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin has opened up about the stress of working in live television.

The 52-year-old journalist has been a regular anchor on the BBC One programme since 2006.

She recently chatted to Olympic skier and Dancing on Ice star Graham Bell on Decathlon's new The Power of Ten podcast about pressures at work.

Louise revealed: "I love my job, and I’m really passionate about doing my job, but it’s really stressful…being super… really concentrating for three and a quarter hours. I think that’s where the stress comes from.

"Obviously there’s a lot of things going on and a lot of different pressures.

"I used to go for runs when I first started this… I would take a knotty problem and just go for a run with it."

"For me, it's the mental health, it’s the physical… every single day it [exercise] makes a difference to the way I feel mentally and physically."

She went on to share her secret behind getting through the day after the gruelling early wake-up calls.

"I have a sleep in the afternoon, which is an hour and a half," the TV personality explained.

"I know I have to do that because otherwise I wouldn’t function because I go to bed about nine thirty at night."

Louise also told Ski Sunday presenter Graham that she's managed to learn a new skill during lockdown.

She said: "My recurring nightmare used to be that I'd get into work and make up weren't there… so God forbid, I’d have to do my own makeup. And then from one day to the next, that actually became my reality.

"Yeah so I taught myself and I’ve learnt a life skill… hair and make up, over the eight, nine months [of lockdown]."

Louise recently injured her foot which saw her take a temporary break from presenting BBC Breakfast.

Discussing her painful accident, she told Graham: "I ran up Snowdon, ran down Snowdon because I was training for the Norseman, which is an extreme triathlon, and stopped my watch and went over my ankle on the curb, just as I was walking to the car, and I went over and it sort of crumpled."

Louise previously branded herself an "idiot" after failing to get her ankle checked after sustaining an injury during training for a triathlon last year.

She was overwhelmed was emotion earlier this month as the morning programme played a touching tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, who passed away aged 100.

Louise an guest Michael Ball shed a few tears as they took the time to look back on the remarkable life of the late, great fundraising hero.

BBC Breakfast airs daily on BBC One at 6am

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