BBC defends 'bombing Corbyn fans at Glastonbury' joke on Have I Got News For You

The BBC has defended Fin Taylor after he was criticised for making a joke about bombing Glastonbury to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn supporters on Have I Got News For You.

During last Friday’s show, the comedian raised the topic of Corbyn being re-admitted to the Labour Party, but losing the whip. His remarks were met with fierce backlash and sparked complaints.

‘I feel like we had an opposition for 19 days and now it’s over again, he just won’t stay in his box,’ Fin said.

‘My relationship with Corbyn is like Bob Dylan, in that I only hate him so much because of his fans.’

He then complained that Dylan fans are ‘so dogmatic’ in their opinions that he is the greatest musician of all time, before adding: ‘People who like Corbyn, it’s like, what, it’s 200,000 people in the Labour Party that are fanatics. 

‘So all you’ve got to do is, next year, bomb Glastonbury, hopefully Dylan’s headlining. Two birds, one stone.’

The BBC was bombarded with complaints from viewers who felt that Fin’s joke was inappropriate, and could incite violence. 

However, the corporation defended his remarks stating it was clear they were ‘in no way whatsoever to be taken seriously.’

The BBC said in a statement: ‘After more than 30 years on air, Have I Got News For You is a well-established comedy series that has built a reputation for irreverent humour and satire. 

‘Regular viewers expect the panellists to make jokes and understand that contributions are intended to be funny and amusing, and this edition was no exception. 

‘It was clear that comedian Fin Taylor was talking about an utterly absurd scenario, in which he compared Jeremy Corbyn to Bob Dylan, and was in no way whatsoever to be taken seriously.’

Have I Got News For You airs Fridays at 9pm on BBC One.

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