Below Deck Med’s Captain Sandy takes savage dig at sacked Lexi ‘Never would’ve hired’

Below Deck Mediterranean: Bravo previews latest season

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Season six of Below Deck Mediterranean is well underway and in true Bravo form, it has been pure chaos with explosive dramas. However, this season the main focus has been Lexi Wilson, who recently got fired for her threatening behaviour and Captain Sandy took a savage dig at the ex stewardess.

Episode nine titled ‘Brews, Stews & Management Blues’ saw the impending demotion of Lexi Wilson.

Although fans took to social media to share their anger on her departure, the controversial cast member had been granted chances to redeem her behaviour.

However, calling chef Matthew Shea an offensive slur and threatening to ‘smack’ him after the cameras stopped rolling, was the final straw for Captain Sandy.

The former Miss Bahamas just had an explosive row with her fellow castmates after a night out, just weeks before.

In an interview with US Weekly, the no-nonsense Captain revealed how she felt watching all the drama unfold on TV.

She revealed: “Of course, I wanted to let her go, I never would have hired her – I don’t hire the crew, everybody knows that.”

Executive producer Jill Goslicky disclosed the potential crew members go through an “extreme vetting process” where both producers and captains have to come to an agreement.

Captain Sandy went on to say: “While I feel for her, I would never tolerate that, I don’t see it until you see it.

“I don’t go to dinner and unless the crew really lays it out for me, the words ‘it’s bad’, is that really a description?” she added.

During dinner service, Lexi went down to the kitchen to ask the Chef for more lamb for the guests onboard.

What should’ve been a straightforward encounter ended with an explosive argument, after a warning about a pile of dirt on the floor.

Before accidentally stepping in the mess, Chef Matthew warned the stewardess who then proceeded to step in it again.

After he visibly winced, Lexi responded: “Don’t worry about the f**king dirt, right now is not the time.”

However, it was after she stepped in it again where things took a turn for the worse.

While picking at pieces of the lamb, she told the chef: “Don’t worry about it, I will sweep it up – just focus on putting the lamb on the plate.”

This angered the already stressed chef, who lost his temper and shouted; “You can’t talk to me like you’re the boss, I’m in charge of the galley – never again, get out.”

In the interview, Captain Sandy stated: “No one was giving me facts, you know, like, I didn’t have any facts.

“I just heard it’s bad, it’s real bad – that’s not enough for me, “ she added, “write it out, write a report, send it to me.”

The 53-year-old explained: “They learn the minute they step on this boat, we go through all the legalities but I never got that information.

“If they would’ve told me the facts, of course, I would’ve let her go sooner, but I never got them,” she concluded.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 continues Mondays on Bravo.

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