'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': Producer Says This Series Is the 'Most Intense Ever'

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers already got a small taste of what it’s like to travel aboard a luxury sailing yacht. With only two episodes thus far, the crew has set sail and almost performed an impromptu wedding. Viewers also witnessed the first crew hookup.

The series introduced viewers to the first sailing yacht in the franchise. Unlike a motor yacht, sailing yachts involve heeling over. This puts the entire yacht, along with crew and guests, on a total tilt. Cameras capture drawers spilling open, items rolling across the floor and passengers hanging on for their life.

Producer Mark Cronin shared with Bravo that this series will be “the most intense Below Deck ever.” What are some of the key differences between this series and the rest?

Viewers will get the same ‘Below Deck’ drama but on an angle

Cronin said that having the boat travel on an angle adds to the drama. “It’s got everything that Below Deck has: The drama, the romance, the hard working conditions, the work drama, personal drama, cramped spaces,” he told Bravo. “If you took everything on Below Deck and just put it on its side 30 degrees and had it all fall, that would be this new show.”

The new series also features an added layer of thrill and even danger. Captain Glenn Shephard had to (safely) climb up the massive sail when it needed to be repaired.

“He’s a captain who’s very hands on, like he helps with the luggage, he’s always out on the boat. He’s always helping the guys, helping the stews. You’ll see Lee, like he likes to be on the bridge and direct things from up there. Glenn likes to be down with everybody, with his hands dirty,” Cronin said. “But he’s really amazing. The boat is very complicated to sail, and he’s amazing at it.”

Everyone gets involved in the action

Cronin shared that the crew is constantly working.“On a sailing yacht, every crew member has to be available to haul up the sails, tie them off correctly, set them correctly, haul them back down. The amount of manual labor is much higher,” he said. “They actually never stop working, which is really great. They really have to work hard.”

“Another cool thing about Below Deck Sailing Yacht is that for the first time ever every single person on the boat is on the show,” Cronin said. “On this version, everybody has to be on the show ‘cause there’s only nine people on the boat. And all nine, the captain and the eight crew members, are all part of the cast and the crew of the show.”

And as for that drama Below Deck fans crave? Don’t worry, it’s coming Cronin shared. One crew member who is going to be in the mix of it is chef Adam Glick. “You know, I think the story of Adam is that the first season he got kind of burned ’cause he fell in love. And the second season he came back, and he just worked,” Cronin said. “And then this season he actually gets tangled up good.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs every Monday at 9 p.m. / 8 p.m. central on Bravo.

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