Better Call Saul creator promises ‘explosive season 5 where Mike and Jimmy’s worlds collide’

BETTER Call Saul's creator has promised an "explosive season 5 where Mike and Jimmy’s worlds collide".

The Netflix series – which is a prequel spin-off to Breaking Bad – will come to an end with its sixth season in a spectacular fashion.

But speaking to Entertainment Weekly, series co-creator Peter Gould said upcoming season five is a great precursor to the final run, saying: "The fuse has been lit in the previous four seasons, and season five is where the explosion happens."

One of the key components for such an exciting season is the coming together of Mike (Jonathan Banks) and Jimmy's (Bob Odenkirk) worlds.

Peter explained: "Sometimes you get two shows for the price of one.

"For many of the seasons there was the Mike Ehrmantraut [Jonathan Banks] half of the story and the Jimmy McGill [Bob Odenkirk] half of the story, and they’ve only touched occasionally.

"This season is where it all becomes one story, much more than it has in the past.

"You’re going to see characters who you never expected to be in conflict with each other in the same scene.

"It was very energising and exciting to watch. This is the season where worlds collide.”

Better Call Saul premiered in February 2015, almost two years after Breaking Bad finished.

It follows con-man turned small-time lawyer Jimmy, and Peter admits he didn't initially think his story would span six seasons.

He said: "I wasn’t sure if [a 62-episode run] was going to be right for Saul.

"In fact, if you had asked me when we started, I probably would have guessed three seasons would have been right.

"But the show has surprised me at every turn. And as we worked on season 5, the end game started to become a little bit clearer to us.

"That’s when it really felt like we knew, ‘Okay, this seems right.’”

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