Betty Gilpin Inks Deal With Macmillan’s Flatiron Books For Personal Essay Collection

EXCLUSIVE: In a competitive situation, GLOW alum and author Betty Gilpin has sold her first book, an untitled collection of personal essays, to Flatiron Books, a division of Macmillan, for publication in spring 2022.

“Betty is a technicolor hurricane of a writer. Her sharp, soulful, absurdly funny and slyly wise voice leapt off the page when I first read this essay collection and has been doing cartwheels in my brain ever since,” said Flatiron Books Editor Meghan Houser. “This book is a gift and I can’t wait for her to share it.”

The three-time Emmy-nominated actress Gilpin received critical praise for her portrayal of Debbie Eagan/Liberty Belle on GLOW, which aired for three seasons on Netflix. Gilpin recently starred in Craig Zobel’s film The Hunt, and can currently be seen in Paramount’s The Tomorrow War, opposite Chris Pratt and J.K. Simmons, on Amazon.

Gilpin released a statement on her latest work below. You can read it here in full.

“Hi! It’s Betty Gilpin.

I’ve written a book. Because when an actor writes a book? That’s when the world changes….No. That is a nightmare. Especially when the actor in question is someone who is still self-taping for We Bought a Zoo 3 on her bathroom floor. But this isn’t an “actor book.” I don’t have any delusions that the four oxygen tanks who have seen my off-Broadway canon are clamoring for my childhood timeline. Nor do I think the gentlemen who send me 8×10 printouts of my own breasts to sign are picketing for my book– I’m not aware they know I can read. But I don’t know. In quarantine I realized…self-loathing and pajamas ain’t pressing File > Print on your manifesto. Even if your manifesto is, well, insane.

If it’s helpful, this is me: aesthetically I’m your Windows 94 Jodie Comer, intellectually I’m a copy of Love’s Labour’s Lost in an on fire tree stump, emotionally I’m Ernest Hemingway’s cat asleep at a rave. I grew up in New York City and then farm porn Connecticut. In a selfless, original plot twist, I became an actor, and have been emoting for money in various probably unhealthy ways for almost 15 years now. For a decade, my career was mostly sobbing and twirling for a small asleep theatre audience, and only the last few years has a modicum of success and public eye been a part of this weird soup. I did a million things that were career wise the equivalent of an ant sneezing at the Staples Center, but to save you a google that would risk you seeing images that probably have my Catholic ancestors on a permanent rotisserie gravespin– here are the highlights: Showtime’s Nurse Jackie (as confused skank doctor), Netflix’s GLOW (as unstable human-throwing mother with no pants), Universal Pictures’ The Hunt (as baby dinosaur trapped inside Lara Croft), Amazon’s upcoming The Tomorrow War (sobbing in cardigan), among other times where my demons were filmed. I’ve been nominated for some of the TV trophy things, which were huge honors because it’s a merit-based system and only talented, deserving people are recognized. I have won none of them because of Kremlin. As a writer, I’ve been published in The New York Times, Glamour, Lenny Letter, The Hollywood Reporter, and Vanity Fair. I have been waiting to write this book my entire meaningless, stupid life.”

Gilpin is repped by ICM Partners, Anonymous Content and Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman.

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