BFI apologises for removing woman with Asperger's for 'laughing too much' during screening

The British Film Institute (BFI) has apologised after causing a social media storm by removing a woman with Asperger syndrome from a screening.

Following yesterday’s (April 29) screening of Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, people shared their outrage on Twitter after claiming that 25-year-old Tamsin Parker was “forcibly” removed from the screening for laughing too much.

In a statement on its website, the BFI has apologised for the incident, saying that it is “sincerely sorry to those affected”.

“Our priority is for everyone to be able to enjoy our venue and we try hard to provide a good experience to our customers. However, yesterday, in what was a challenging and complex situation, we got it wrong,” they said.

“We are taking this situation extremely seriously and this morning we have been investigating further to understand what happened in more depth and contacting the customers affected.

“We can and must do better in accommodating all the needs of our customers and we will be addressing what additional provisions and staff training we can put in place to deal with all situations with sensitivity.”

Additionally, Harriet Finney, the BFI’s director of external affairs, appeared on today’s (April 30) Jeremy Vine Radio 2 show to talk about the incident.

“This was an incredibly challenging and complex situation and even though our staff are trained, I think probably they might have got it wrong in this particular incident,” she explained.

She added that a person who reacted angrily to the woman was also removed from the screening following the abuse.

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