'Big Brother 22': Ian Terry Calls the Game 'Autistic Hell,' Fans Petition for a Rocking Chair

Fans are watching the live feeds closely for Big Brother 22. Some want to help out Big Brother 14 winner, Ian Terry. They have a sweet reason for petitioning to get him a rocking chair in the house.

Ian Terry returned for ‘Big Brother 22’

Ian Terry previously won Big Brother 14. He told Entertainment Tonight why he returned for the all-star season of Big Brother 22.

“I was definitely a little bit excited about it for sure,” he said. “I was working at the time as a management consultant. I wasn’t really in love with it so anything to just break up the monotony of 2020 pandemic you know.”

Terry answered if he thinks he’ll have a target on his back for being one of the few winners this season. “I think I will,” he answered. “I mean there’s just no question about it.”

He mentioned the last time he played there were returning players but there was a “buffer” for a few weeks. Terry said this season starts with everyone being vulnerable so that could be more dangerous to his game. The other winner who was cast for this season is Nicole Franzel.

He has confirmed he’s autistic

Terry was seen talking to Kaysar Ridha, Nicole Anthony, and Janelle Pierzina on the live feeds. Pierzina talked about tricking other houseguests into thinking they weren’t close.

“I hate this game,” Terry said. He later said he wanted the yard to relieve some stress. Terry then said this is “autistic hell.”

Terry then asked Ridha, “You can tell, right? I’m autistic.” Ridha said yes he did because he is autistic too. “Oh sh*t,” Terry said. “I did not know that.” Ridha said he was never formally diagnosed.

Terry then added, “I gave up on trying to hide it.” He is often seen rocking back forth.

The fans are petitioning to get him a rocking chair

The houseguest has talked about how rocking helps him soothe himself. However, he doesn’t want to be in the hammock as much because of the noise it makes so fans petitioned to get him a rocking chair.

On his previous season, he has explained that the only thing that calms him down is rocking back and forth but he got a lot of hate for using the hammock due to its squeaking sound.

The Houseguests will be given access to the backyard this season not as often as past seasons due to low crew members and sanitization. Thus giving Ian no way to calm himself down and help himself. We, the fans, would like CBS and Big Brother production to get Ian a rocking chair or anything that he can easily rock back and forth in.

The petition’s goal is to get 1,500 signatures. It already has 1,474 signatures after being created on Aug. 10.

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