Big Brother winner Cameron Cole reveals if he'll be going to gay clubs with Nikki Grahame

Big Brother winner Cameron Cole has revealed that he WILL be taking Nikki Grahame up on her offer to take him out clubbing at gay bars.

The 19-year-old YouTuber stormed to victory during Channel 5’s last ever Big Brother final on Monday night (November 5), beating Akeem Griffiths, Zoe Jones and Cian Carrigan to the prize.

Speaking to Digital Spy after his win, Cameron revealed he would definitely be taking Big Brother legend Nikki up on her offer earlier in the series to take him out on the gay clubbing scene in Soho.

He told us: “I’m definitely gonna [say yes]. I mean, how can I refuse an invite by Nikki Grahame? We’re definitely gonna go do that. It might take me out of my comfort zone slightly, but I think a night out with Nikki Grahame is worth going out of your comfort zone for!”

Oh, and the serial Big Brother fan absolutely can’t get over the fact Nikki is a fan of his.

The iconic housemate entered the house last month as part of a special task, and was immediately drawn to Cameron – a fact he found “utterly surreal”.

He added: “[When Nikki came in] she was happy that I liked her, which was just totally and utterly surreal – it felt like it was the wrong way around.

“I couldn’t believe it when she walked in – it was a super fan’s dream – and then when she liked me, it was just totally and utterly baffling. I’m so incredibly thankful. I couldn’t believe it… it was one of the best moments of my life when she hugged me multiple times.

“It was just wonderful – what a moment! It was absolutely amazing.”

Cameron also spoke to Digital Spy about coming out while in the house, and his thoughts on controversial housemate Lewis Flanagan.

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